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Get ’em while they’re hot!

June 3, 2010

From the moment they announced that Alice + Olivia would be partnering with Keds, I began stalking the site!

This week ONLY get one of three pairs of Keds, designed by Alice + Olivia. I just scooped up the pink glitter. I wish I knew for sure they fit, because I would have bought two pairs. I find that I have a gift for ruining shoes, so if I love ’em, I stock up.

Want more Alice + Olivia? Check out Tra Tutti for a fabulous selection. (Although, sadly, we don’t have the shoes … yet!)

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas from Tra Tutti

December 20, 2009

1. Tra Tutti Gift Certificate. Why? A Tra Tutti gift certificate is the perfect gift for the fashionista, bargainista, recyle-ista, vintage-ista, eco-ista, and all the other “ista’s” in your life!

enter code: “freeshipgc” for free shipping on gift certificates.

2. Anything and everything Marc by Marc Jacobs!  Why? From the moment Marc Jacobs diffusion line – Marc by Marc Jacobs – hit the runway in 2001, fashionistas have been lined up for miles to pick up every last piece. The collection includes many of the designer’s coveted details, including vintage lines, girly details like puff sleeves and quirky oversized buttons.

Adorable Heart Top by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size Small Denim Jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 4 Pink Embellished Flats by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 9.5

3. Designer Sweats. Why? Be high-fashion and comfortable. Tra Tutti carries lines like Juicy Couture, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and celebrity favorite: Primp.  Primp is casual line was propelled to super stardom by celebrities like Jessica Alba, Nicole Ricci, Mischa Barton, & Paris Hilton.

Fleur Thermal Lounge Pants by Juicy Couture – Size LSignature Tee by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size M Star Zip Hoodie by Primp – Size Medium 

4. Shoes! Why? Well, duh. Every girl loves shoes. Tra Tutti carries dozens of pairs – many brand new with their boxes!

Black & Gold Velvet & Reptile Heels by Betsey Johnson – Size 9 Black Suede Pumps by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 7.5 Fuchsia Shimmer Flats by Betsey Johnson – Size 7.5 

5. Stunning Satin Botkier Bags. Why? Tra Tutti was lucky enough to have several of these consigned with us – all brand new! A native to New York City, Monica Botkier delved into the fashion industry as a fashion photographer. Using her developed photographer’s eye for detail, artistry and key functionality, Monica took on a new niche in the fashion industry. Inspired by her urban chic and busy downtown Manhattan lifestyle, Monica designed and produced her first handbag collection that resulted in the immediate cult status.
Lime Satin Layla Bag by Botkier  Hot Pink Satin Layla Bag by Botkier  Purple Satin Layla Bag by Botkier  

No, shoe YOU!

December 3, 2009




Loving these Stubbs & Wootton slippers. (Although not loving the $375 price tag). Hmm … now … which of the lucky ladies on my gift list is going to receive a not-so-subtle message this Holiday season??

I politely disagree

November 29, 2009


It’s un-fashionista, dare I saw UN-AMERICAN, to not love the gals at

But just this once, I must politely disagree. They fugged Rihanna’s houndstooth boots, and since I’d like to be buried swathed in houndsooth, dressed in head-to-toe McQueen houndstooth, in a houndstooth coffin … I’m gonna have to tell them they got it wrong!

I love these boots Ri Ri!

Extra, Extra, Feet All About It

November 24, 2009

Taiwanese fashion designer, Colin Lin, had a clever solution for the piles of old newspapers in her office. She is using them to make shoes and bags for her environmentally friendly footwear company, which since launching late last year, has sold about 4,000 pairs of shoes made of recycled papers.

Each pair of paper shoes takes 3-4 hours to make and sells for $100-150, while one of her tote bag takes as much as 2-3 days and can go for up to $260.

Here’s what we REALLY love about her! She says:

“I only contribute very little to recycling all the newspapers dumped everyday around the world,” she said. “But other footwear and bag manufacturers may want to copy my idea and so contribute their own share to dealing with the problem.”

That is the very essence of Tra Tutti’s philanthropic mission! We know that donating 20% of every sale may not even be enough to keep the lights on for one year at one of our charities, but if other shops followed suit – imagine the possibilities. Given the nature of consignment (we don’t have to buy stock the way your local fabulous boutique has to) we are able to give a larger percentage than most, but everyone should look at their budgets and figure out what they can do.

Click Click.

(That was the sound of our high-heels stepping down from our soap box.)

Help me find these tights!

November 15, 2009

DKNY tightTartan Tights

I COVET these DKNY tights that Blake Lively wore on Gossip Girl!! I don’t want similar tights – I want THESE tights! I would settle for another brand with an identical pattern.

Whoever locates them for me will win a $25 Tra Tutti gift card!

It’s Raining Marc, Hallelujah it’s Raining Marc!

September 28, 2009

It's Raining Men

It’s official – Tra Tutti’s consignors are OBSESSED with Marc Jacobs. (Luckily, our shoppers are equally obsessed!)

We’re not really surprised. Marc Jacobs can do no wrong. From the moment his diffusion line hit the runway in 2001, lovely ladies have been lining up around the block to get a piece of the action. The Marc by Marc Jacobs collection includes many of the designer’s coveted details, including vintage lines, girly details like puff sleeves and quirky oversized buttons. Tra Tutti has these details by the dozen!

No other designer even comes close to being consigned as often with Tra Tutti as this coveted label.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be photographing and adding almost a dozen new Marc Jacobs pieces, but in the mean time, enjoy the fabulousness that we have!

Army Green Pumps by Marc Jacobs – Size 7 Color Block Pocket Sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size SmallDenim Jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 4 


Denim Studded Flats by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 7.5 Gold Tank by Marc Jacobs – Size 10 Lavender Skirt by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 12 

Lovely Military Jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 8Patchwork Pumps by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 8.5 Checkered Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size Large  

 All items available at:

These Models are Flat – in a good way!

September 15, 2009

Marc Jacobs flat shoe for show

Tra Tutti salutes you Marc Jacobs!

On behalf of women’s feet everywhere – thank you for a runway show featuring flats!

Visit Tra Tutti for a large array of designer shoes (including those by Mr. Jacobs) for 60-90% off original prices.

The WTF Shoe

September 8, 2009



A shoe that I like to call the “WTF Shoe” has been popping up all over the place!

The most INSANE version of this shoe (left) was worn by the Queen of Crazy Shoe-opolis, Mrs. Victoria Beckham, last September. Of course it was, right? (Thank you GoFugYourself girls for sharing this with us last year! We forwarded the shoe to everyone we knew)


However, less insane, slightly more wearable versions of this trend seem to be everywhere I look (now that I’m obsessively looking for them).




For starters, the versions we like may have a crazy heel, but at least they have a heel unlike Poshies shoe. And what’s more interesting …. we find ourselves so drawn to this new structured, handcrafted shoe trend. We’d love to know what you think.

One lucky size 8 Tra Tutti shopper will be able to scoop up a pair for a bargain price. If you love them like we do, our Pour le Victoire pump is a fraction of the $1,000+ price tag most of these shoes seem to carry.

Pour la VictoireJil Sander pumpDior Cutout WedgeGiuseppe Cutout