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May I borrow $6,100? No wait, $6,600? No wait, $7,100

January 25, 2010

How cool is this? Charity buzz is auctioning 4 VIP tickets to the Project Runway finale! Bidding is up to $6,100 and ends February 3rd. Oh, if only ….

Here’s the skinny:

Includes: 4 VIP tickets to the show. The winners will be seated in the 2nd or 3rd row. You and your guests will receive a backstage tour and will be introduced to one of the former or current contestants attending the show. Show is at Bryant Park February 12, 2010.

Make it work! Fierce! Where is my chiffon?! Project Runway is back and this season has been better than ever! Tune in as designers go head-to-head, battling it out for the top spot on this incredible reality TV phenomenon. With this package you will have four coveted tickets to the unveiling of the top designers lines at Fall Fashion Week 2010.

Project Runway is a Peabody Award-winning American reality television series on the Lifetime network which focuses on fashion design and is hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum. The contestants compete with each other to create the best clothes and are usually restricted in time, materials, and theme. Their designs are judged and one or more designers are eliminated each week.

The show culminates with the final designers presenting their work at Fashion Week in Bryant Park, NYC. Be there as the finalists display their finished work for the first time, see who is crowned the new king or queen of fashion and who is bid Auf Wiedersehen by Heidi Klum.

The proceeds for this item benefit Rescue Me Yorkie Rescue

Donated by: A friend of Yorkie Rescue


That’s so boss

December 30, 2009

In this case, cologne isn’t used just to cover up your man’s post-work out odor!

As you know, Tra Tutti is couture with a conscience, which is why we’re super excited about Hugo Boss’s new effort to save the Amazon Rainforests.

Hugo Boss’s Hugo fragrances, in partnership with the French environmental organization Pur Project, launched “One Fragrance, One Tree.”

A tree will be planted in Peru’s rainforest for each special edition Hugo Element and Hugo Man fragrance produced.

Each bottle will include a unique code so customers can use find the exact location of their tree online!!!!!

Prices range from $59.19 – $73.98.

Rodriguez & Jacobs for Tots

December 27, 2009

Now that’s a high-fashion photo-op!

Our two favorite designers, Narciso Rodriguez & Marc Jacobs, in one fabulous place for a Toys for Tots party. The unwrapped toys collected at the party will be donated to hospitals and shelters in lower Manhattan.

Those teddy bears in hand are a bit NUDE to be held by such fashion icons. Wish we could dress them in some of their own designs, available for sale at Tra Tutti:

 Exposed Zipper Skirt by Narciso Rodriguez – Size 6 Checkered Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size Large  Denim Jacket by Marc by Marc Jacobs – Size 4 

Me and Suzie had so much fun …

December 27, 2009

Lacoste is going to save the crocodiles. But more on that later …

First, I got distracted and decided to found out what Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” was all about, since obviously it got stuck in my head. MAJOR disappointment. Honestly, it’s too boring of an explanation to explain.

Back to the crocodiles. Lacoste will spend $500,000 over the next three years to help preserve endangered crocodiles. “We hope to be able to give back to our iconic crocodile — to whom we owe so much — a small part of what he has brought us,”  said Lacoste president Michael Lacoste.

I’m not sure if $166K a year will combat the multi-million (or is it billion?) crocodile handbag industry, but it’s a start!

We’ve run low on our Lacoste inventory at Tra Tutti, but still have these fabulous sunglasses!

Pink Aviators by Lacoste  

Cookies with a Conscience

November 29, 2009

I’m so thrilled to have discovered this fabulous website: You can support children’s cancer research throughout the year by sending their all-natural gourmet cookies whenever you need to send a special gift.

Since I think flowers are a total generic (and wasteful) gift – I normally send books as gifts (recently, Tori Spellings autobiography has been a fav! As is Tim Gunds Guide to Style!).

However, now I’m thrilled to have a new go to place for gifts, where 100% of the profits of my purchase will directly fund pediatric cancer research.

Tra Tutti proudly donates 20% of every sale to charities of our customers choosing.

Extra, Extra, Feet All About It

November 24, 2009

Taiwanese fashion designer, Colin Lin, had a clever solution for the piles of old newspapers in her office. She is using them to make shoes and bags for her environmentally friendly footwear company, which since launching late last year, has sold about 4,000 pairs of shoes made of recycled papers.

Each pair of paper shoes takes 3-4 hours to make and sells for $100-150, while one of her tote bag takes as much as 2-3 days and can go for up to $260.

Here’s what we REALLY love about her! She says:

“I only contribute very little to recycling all the newspapers dumped everyday around the world,” she said. “But other footwear and bag manufacturers may want to copy my idea and so contribute their own share to dealing with the problem.”

That is the very essence of Tra Tutti’s philanthropic mission! We know that donating 20% of every sale may not even be enough to keep the lights on for one year at one of our charities, but if other shops followed suit – imagine the possibilities. Given the nature of consignment (we don’t have to buy stock the way your local fabulous boutique has to) we are able to give a larger percentage than most, but everyone should look at their budgets and figure out what they can do.

Click Click.

(That was the sound of our high-heels stepping down from our soap box.)

Art – not just fashion – at Tra Tutti

November 16, 2009

We are so lucky to have a piece of true, timeless art on our website: this stunning runway collection chiffon dress by Vera Wang. It’s now on sale for $799.99 at


60% of the sale of this item will go to Project Sunshine – they are both the benefiting charity and the consignor! Project Sunshine is a nonprofit organization that provides free educational, recreational, and social programs to children facing medical challenges and their families.

This stunning Vera Wang gown was donated to Project Sunshine from a high-level contact at W Magazine and Tra Tutti has the dress listed on our website for them. It’s right off the runway, from the Vera Wang 2008 Fall Collection.

The details:
• Drop-dead gorgeous aubergine chiffon gown by Vera Wang Collection
• Silver fringe down the entire dress
• Gorgeous ruching down the front and back
• This dress is in perfect, like-new condition
• Size 2
• Retail Value: $2,600

Pretty in Pink

September 25, 2009

Feragammo Pink Collectin

Salvatore Ferragamo has designed a limited collection to raise funds for breast cancer groups called the Pink Collection. In a word it’s: GORGEOUS!

The collection will go on sale in October, which is also breast cancer awareness month.

The collection includes a pink, crystal-embellished edition of Ferragamo’s signature ballerina shoe as well as a perfume, a watch, a T-shirt and a canvas tote. Prices ranging from $256 to $1,050.

They will also make a pair of pink satin sandals and a matching evening clutch which will be auctioned off for charity, with bids starting at $4,240.

Quick – I need my piggy bank and a hammer!

Ferragamo SneakerPink hammerPiggy bank

And it’s not rubber!

September 15, 2009

Loft Gives Back

I never thought I’d see the day where a do-gooder bracelet would come around and be both affordable and NOT rubber!

Several chic celebrities been seen around New York this week wearing this lovely “Lisa for LOFT” breast cancer awareness bracelet. Taylor Swift wore hers on The View, while Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford and Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui flaunted their chain and satin ribbon accessory during Fashion Week.

The limited-edition bracelet, designed by Lulu Frost’s Lisa Salzer exclusively for Ann Taylor LOFT, retails for only $24.50, with $5 from each sale going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

This lovely lady will be available in LOFT stores and online beginning September 21st.

Couture with a Conscience: Well Played Michelle Tanner

September 6, 2009

Elizabeth and James sweatshirt

Elizabeth and James Dress and CardiganElizabeth and James DressElizabeth and James blouse


I have to tell you, I love Elizabeth & James. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen launched this contemporary label in 2007. (Named after two of their non-famous siblings.) The line is a chic blend of masculine and feminine cuts with tailored blazers, men’s shirts and super-sleek pants. I think this is one celebrity label that could actually stand the test of time.

And it gets even better: they are having their own “Couture with a Conscience” moment. Elizabeth and James has teamed up with to create a necklace that will donate 50% of its proceeds to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. The Y-chain necklace adorning a bronze leaf charm will be available to purchase on September 15. It’s simple and lovely and most importantly – it’s couture with a conscience.

Elizabeth and James charity necklace

Michelle Tanner