People are talkin’, talkin’ bout Miiice

“The people behind the mini Unkle K have created rodent versions of Betsey Johnson, Coco Chanel, and Anna Wintour! Betsey and Coco are spot on …” – Coco Perez
“The perfect stocking stuffers  … They’re all cute, though Karl looks especially good as a mouse, shades and all.” – Fab Sugar
“Forget the CFDA Awards. You know you’ve made it in fashion when there’s a mouse created in your likeness. Anna Wintour, Betsey Johnson, Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel go rodent-chic for Tra Tutti’s Few Fab Mice Friends.” – Slice of Style
“Standing at around 2.5 inches tall, these terribly trendy mice – Coco Chanel-O-Mouse, Karl Lagermouse, Anna Wintourmouse – are handcrafted from felt, silk, ribbon, beads, faux fur, wool, wire, and rubber foam. They even come with a “certificate of authenticity” and arrive in a tres chic gift box.” – Fashion Tribes
“Tra Tutti sells mice doll incarnations of fashion people, including Anna Wintourmouse, Karl Lagermouse, and others.” – NY Magazine

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