Extra, Extra, Feet All About It

Taiwanese fashion designer, Colin Lin, had a clever solution for the piles of old newspapers in her office. She is using them to make shoes and bags for her environmentally friendly footwear company, which since launching late last year, has sold about 4,000 pairs of shoes made of recycled papers.

Each pair of paper shoes takes 3-4 hours to make and sells for $100-150, while one of her tote bag takes as much as 2-3 days and can go for up to $260.

Here’s what we REALLY love about her! She says:

“I only contribute very little to recycling all the newspapers dumped everyday around the world,” she said. “But other footwear and bag manufacturers may want to copy my idea and so contribute their own share to dealing with the problem.”

That is the very essence of Tra Tutti’s philanthropic mission! We know that donating 20% of every sale may not even be enough to keep the lights on for one year at one of our charities, but if other shops followed suit – imagine the possibilities. Given the nature of consignment (we don’t have to buy stock the way your local fabulous boutique has to) we are able to give a larger percentage than most, but everyone should look at their budgets and figure out what they can do.

Click Click.

(That was the sound of our high-heels stepping down from our soap box.)

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One Response to “Extra, Extra, Feet All About It”

  1. Whitney Johnson Says:

    Pretty ingenious. Thanks for sharing — and I did like your quip at the end.

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