Oh no you didn’t, Barbie.

Barbie Hotel

Ever since I deemed Barbie’s Dream House “not big enough for me” as a small girl, I’ve been determined to one-up that chick! Who does she think she is with her limitless wardrobe, hunky man-friend Ken, pink cars, and physically-impossible physique??

It seems she’s out-done me again! Wait – let me check. Do I have a kick ass Barbie Suite (designed by Jonathan Adler) in the Fantasy Tower of The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. No – I do not.

This stellar Barbie dream house opened on June 1st, 2009, and it’s only available for one year in celebration of her 50th birthday! That means you have less than 9 months to throw a birthday bash, a divorce party, or a bachelorette extravaganza in Barbie’s newest digs. Oh, and you also have to come up with $4,000 a night – but that’s no bigs.

barbie dining room Barbie Living room

barbie bathroom barbie shower

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One Response to “Oh no you didn’t, Barbie.”

  1. Jimmy Bruggeman Says:

    I enjoyed your posts, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so very interesting, I get fed up of seeing the same old boring recycled stuff all of the time.

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