America + Moschino = Amerischino (and fabulous)


There is no fashion label more playful, quirky, or irreverent than Moschino. And there is no actress more adorable, empowering, and fabulous than America Ferrera.

So … put them both together and – Sha Zam!

Last week America Ferrera joined co-star Vanessa Williams at a Save the Children Benefit in Soho. Ferrera wore a crepe Moschino dress with safety pin detail from the brand’s Fall 2009 collection.

Scoop up Moschino for a fraction of the price at Tra Tutti!

Heart Flame T-Shirt by Moschino Jeans – Size 6 Sequin Union Jack Tank by Moschino Jeans – Size 8 Silk Camisole by Moschino Cheap & Chic – Size 4 

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2 Responses to “America + Moschino = Amerischino (and fabulous)”

  1. Lilly M. Says:

    I luv your blog – never boring – only the “fun stuff”. And – I luv America – so nice to see a woman with curves! Keep stuff about her coming, I always love to see what she’s wearing.

  2. Whitney Johnson Says:

    Love America Ferrera too. She sparkles!

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