“Because I didn’t go to Fashion School”

Carolina Herrera

“You have to know how to delegate and know what you can do and what you cannot do. I cannot drape. I mean I cannot cut patterns. But I know exactly what I want and where the shoulder should be and where the seams should be,” she said. “And it’s the eye you have to have for the colors, to mix colors, or proportions … It was born in me. Because I didn’t go to fashion school.”–Carolina Herrera 4 days ago chatting with the Canadian Press. (Hmmm …does Carolina “chat” – I like I think so!)

If Madame Herrera didn’t go to fashion school, maybe there is hope for me!

We’re loving this Carolina Herrera sunglasses for sale at Tra Tutti right now:Tortoise and Chain Link Sunglasses by Carolina Herrera

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3 Responses to ““Because I didn’t go to Fashion School””

  1. Whitney Johnson Says:

    Great post! School can be important, but drive (plus some talent) are even more important.

    Also, did you see the Shabby Apple design contest? You might want to enter….. in the spirit of Carolina Herrera.


  2. diana gacha Says:

    soy de colombia
    soy una gran admiradora tuya…por tu estilo y forma de pensar

  3. Gail Henry Says:

    Really I don’t care if Carolina Herrera didn’t attend a fashion school. Out of the designers I’ve viewed their clothing, Carolina Herrera’s is the best! She has an eye for detail, her clothes are fabulously feminine, and they are the ones, since I am not 18, that an older woman would just love to wear! Keep up the good work, Carolina. I only wish that I could attend a sample sale and maybe have an opportunity to purchase something that you designed!

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