How Should I Wear It?

St. John - my sweater

I’m beyond obsessed with my new vintage St. John jacket!

I think the shoulders are sooooo this-season-Balmain, but without the $13,000 price tag! (God, I love Balmain … but that’s a blog for another day). And the pockets – oh the pockets! – they are so fabulous. I live in long belt-less sweaters, so the shape is just to die for.

So, now the question is – how should I wear it?

I recently stalked up on gold vintage jewelry, but I’m wondering if that’s too much vintage. (I know what you’re thinking: “Ashley, you can never have too much vintage!”).

I was thinking a white ribbed tank, black leggings, some vintage necklaces, and a pair of boots or flats. Or maybe with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans? Or over a LBD?

Tell me how you would wear this sweater!

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3 Responses to “How Should I Wear It?”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Hi Ashley – I met you at the Stilista awards. Just wanted to tell you again how obsessed I was with your jacket!!!! You wore it perfectly! Congratulations again on your award. 🙂

  2. Caryn Fleming Says:

    Ashley, you rocked it! I just sent you the photo!
    Cheers, Caryn Fleming

  3. cj poindexter Says:

    Awesome, I would be obsessed too. I LOVE vintage St. John.

    Gold never fails with cream. You can surely rock this look with some cream really skinny jeans, basic top and over the knee boots. Maybe go chocolate brown with the boots.

    LBD a yes. And there are some fantabulous vintage ones out there, Especially St. John…have a couple myself.

    For a more retro look, (think modified Annie Hall) black or cream wide leg pants, absolutely wicked, shocking shoes, and tons of jewelry CoCo Chanel style….but remember Chanel’s rule, take one piece off before you leave the house, we don’t want to be too over the top – or do we?

    Great jacket and great site. Lots of fun. PS – I feel ya about Balmain!

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