Who Are You Wearing!?

There are so many fabulous blogs out there where high fashion divas snap shots of themselves in absolutely unique and fashion-forward ensembles, and then we all oo and aahh and wish we had thought of a similar outfit.

Sea of Shoes

My favorite such site is Sea of Shoes. I’m like 10 years this girls senior, and yet she has more fashion in her pinky toe then I do in my entire body.

HOWEVER, today I thought to myself “I could do that! I could post my outfits every now and again. After all, I own a designer consignment website and run a fashion blog.”

But then I looked down.

Here’s where we run into some trouble. It turns out when I’m working from home, I am no Fashionista, I am barely a pajama-ista.

So, ladies and gentleman (if any gentleman besides my boyfriend read this blog), here is what I, FASHION BUSINESS OWNER, Ashley Judge am wearing today:

MTV T-shirt by Junk FoodJ crew leggings









3.                                                    4.                                         5.

Missoni ScarfTory Burch flip flopsIced Late


  1. MTV T-Shirt by Junk Food Tees
  2. Leggings from J Crew
  3. Missoni Scarf (Retail $375, got for $69.99 at Filenes Basement – score!)
  4. Pink Flip Flops by Tory Burch
  5. Iced Latte (may have spilled a little on the t-shirt)

So, in conclusion, you probably won’t find this morphing into a blog about what I’m wearing.

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2 Responses to “Who Are You Wearing!?”

  1. lei ann Says:

    jane aldridge of sea of shoes was DEFINITELY one of my main influences in doing my (almost) daily outfit blog since i just looooooove shoes…although my collection costs just a fraction of hers 🙂 you should definitely post your outfits every now & again…it’s fun!

  2. Whitney Johnson Says:

    Yes, I enjoyed your posting of the outfits….

    What if you did a week’s worth of posting what you are wearing…. and maybe even show outfits that you’d put together of consigned clothes….

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