Christmas in July: Wine That Loves (you back)

Wine that Loves

I hate to brag , but my boyfriend and I did take an introduction to wine class a few years ago. So, basically, I know everything there is to know about wine and require no sommelier assistance. Literally, none.

HOWEVER, should I find myself with a sudden case of amnesia; I know I’m covered with Wine that Loves.

The Wine Director at Wine That Loves scours the globe for top-quality wines that are designed to pair with certain dishes. As their website proclaims, their wines are “tailored to food lovers, but their world-class quality, distinctive character and winning style also will delight wine aficionados.”

In other words, it’s on the damn bottle – even YOU can’t screw it up! I’m not trying to judge, but did you take 5 entire hours of wine class with Jessie at Cambridge Adult Education? Probably not. 

So, choose among wine that loves chicken, salmon, pizza, pasta with red sauce, or steak.

Take that Stephen from Top Chef! (loving the picture on his website … hilariously serious.)

Bookmark their site for a unique and clever holiday gift that you can order right from your computer.


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