Math = Bad. What’s 30% off 80%? Ouch, my head.


Tra Tutti is getting into the back-to-school spirit!

Vote for Tra Tutti Superlatives between Wednesday, September 9th and Friday, September 18th. When the winners are tallied those who voted will receive a coupon for 30% off all winning Superlative items for the remainder of September!! Those who didn’t vote will still receive 10% off the winning items.

When the winning items are announced, move fast to scoop up what you’d like, because there will only be one of everything!

Since you’re already surfing the internet at work, take some time to poke through our site and jot down your favorites. Categories include “Most Jackie O”, “Most Marc Jacobs-y”, and many more. See the full list here:

Full Superlative List

Cut and paste the categories into an e-mail and return your responses to

Encourage your friends to do the same, and you just might find all your favorite Tra Tutti items at 30% off. On top of our already 50-90% off prices – that’s not too shabby!

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