An Ode to the Peacock


We always remember where we were during momentous occasions.

I remember where I was when my peacock obsession began. It was Christmas 2008 and my cousin Cassandra gave me these beautiful appetizer plates from Pottery Barn … and there it was … and an obsession began.

So, you can imagine my excitement this year when I discovered so many Ode-to-a-Peacock garments all over Net-A-Porter, Bloomingdales, Lilly Pulitzer, and others!

Tweet! Tweet! (I have no clue what sound a peacock makes … the obsession doesn’t run that deep)

Milly Peacock BlouseLilly Pulitzer Peacock Dress

Milly peacock dress

Peacock Plate - Pottery Barn

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3 Responses to “An Ode to the Peacock”

  1. Mindy Says:

    I love peacocks. I just got some great pictures of some a couple weeks ago.

  2. Premanand Bharati Says:

    I like very much Peacock.He z also a national bird of India.

  3. miranda gosgrove Says:

    cool i love peacock i have a couple real peacock feathers

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